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Newborn  Prep Guide

Through years of experience I have found that following these steps is the best way to prepare baby to be sleepy and comfortable for their session.


What To Bring

  • Plenty of diapers we use them off and on during the session
  • If bottle feeding enough formula for at least three bottles
  • Easy to put on outfit for baby to go home in
  • A pacifier (the soothies work best and please no holder or attachment on the pacifier)
  • Drinks and Snacks for yourself
  • Wear Light weight comfy close for yourself (the studio will be very warm for baby)
  • If baby has hair bring a brush

What to Expect

  • I work out of a home studio
  • The studio will be very warm with white noise playing
  • Depending on which package you choose and baby's cooperation the session may last anywhere from 1-4 hours
  • I start the session by posing the baby on a large bean bag, then prop shots followed by parent and sibling, if you have added them

How to Prep for Your Session

  • If breast feeding make sure to avoid all gassy and spicy foods for 24 hours before the session
  • The morning of the session no coffee for mom (if nursing) not even decaf, it can cause cramping tummies
  • Keep baby awake for 90 minutes before you leave for the session.  You can try undressing, singing, and rubbing their bellies and backs to wake them up
  • An hour before you leave give him/her a bath.  Take your time so they are stimulated and awake 
  • After the bath dress baby in a diaper only and feed them.  Let baby eat as much as possible hopefully getting full and sleepy
  • Finally place a blanket in the car seat and put baby in the car seat still only wearing their diaper (socks, mittens and hat are fine too).  If it's winter you can dress baby after bath but please make sure its an outfit that zips down the front.  Any outfit that has to go over the head wakes them up when I take it off.  I prefer diapers only.
  • Cover baby well with blankets and head to my home studio.
  • Once you arrive carry the car seat into the studio.  I will take baby out of the car seat in studio very slowly to try and keep them asleep.
  • I ask that only two adults accompany baby due to small studio size
  • All clients must stay in the studio other than the restroom for insurance purposes 
  • If we are doing sibling shots I ask that someone bring the sibling at the end of the shoot for their portion of the session.  Once again this is due to small studio space and the fact that it's very warm and we need to be very quiet to keep baby asleep
  • I also ask that there are no cell phone or camera pictures taken during the session


What Makes for a Successful Session?

  • Follow the prep guide
  • Bring a pacifier- I know some parents are told not to use them.  I only use them when necessary.  Some sessions I never touch it and others we would never get a single shot if we didn't have it.  Also the type of pacifier is important!
  • Book your newborn session before baby is born to allow for more planning time
  • Let me know as soon as baby arrives so we can get you in before baby is too old
  • If you are bringing props to use send me pictures ahead of time and when you arrive get them out and hand them to me so we don't forget to use them
  • Please let me know of any concerns you have or any specifics wants before the session
  • Relax and Enjoy your baby's first photo shoot!







to expect


*A newborn session last around two hours.

* The studio is kept VERY warm, wear comfortable cloths and I ask only two adults accompany baby.

* Baby will be naked for the majority of the session unless otherwise discussed.

* I try to do around 4 different setups which include a combination of props and posing on the beanbag.

* I plan all sessions out ahead of time so that transitions are easy on baby please bring up anything specific you may want before your session.



What to bring


*If bottle feeding bring enough formula for at least 3 bottles. Babbies tend to get pretty hungry during the session.

*Plenty of diapers we put them on and take them off several times during the session.

*A pacifier, even if baby doesn't really use it. The pacifier can be life saver when posing and calming baby during the session.

* I provide props however if you are planning on bringing something to have baby photographed with please let me know ahead of time so I can plan on adding it into the session.



How to prep baby for session:


If nursing do not eat any gasey or spicey foods the day before or morning of the session. Do not drink coffe the morning of the session, even decaf can cause tummy cramps. Keep baby awake for 90 minutes before you leave for your session. An hour before you leave give him/her a bath to really wake them up. Dress them in a diaper only and feed the baby keeping them awake so they get nice and full. Place baby in the car seat still only wearing diaper and head to the studio. Baby should fall asleep in the car. When you arrive do not take baby out of the car seat I will do so in the studio. Bring a comfy easy to put on for the ride home.


What makes for a successful newborn session?


* Scheduling your session before baby arrives, this gives me time to plan your session.

* Scheduling baby's shoot when they are between 5-10 days old.

* Bathing and feeding baby right before your session.

* Dressing baby in a diaper only!

*Bring a pacifier!!!

* Let me know color scheme or theme in baby's nursery, or any other ideas you have or shot's you have seen that you would like.

* If you would like sibling pics with the new baby let me know ahead of time and plan to have someone bring sibling at the end of the shoot for their pics together, due to the small size of my studio and the warm temps.





**Newborn pics are some of the most priceless sessions I do. These are tips I have found through experience, make for a smooth, enjoyable experience with the best outcome.

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